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Ubisecure customers' and partners' main users have the ability to manage their employees' access control directly to the Ubisecure services.

The main user can add  new roles to a new users, add new roles to the existing user and delete users. 

You can follow the instructions below.

Step-by-step guide

Login to the Administrative Interface:

  1. Navigate to Developer and Partner Portal main page
  2. Select "Administrative Interface" under Customer Self-Service Management

Add a new role to a new user to grant them access to downloads (

  1. Select Roles tab (roles tab is visible only for the main users)
  2. Select Role (User/Main User)
  3. From the Actions menu choose  "Invite user to roles"
  4. Give the email address of the user and Choose next button
  5. Give the first name and Last Name of the user and Choose Next button
  6. Give the message and Choose Next button
  7. Choose the Confirm button

Add access to Control Desk (

If you are a IDaaS customer you have also option to invite users to role "Integrator"

When user has integrator role they are able to access control desk and use jobs associated with your IDaaS instances.

If you don't have Integrator role available, please contact Ubisecure support. 

Add access to Service Desk:

You can invite the new team member to role (User/Main User) and let Ubisecure support know the email address. Ubisecure support will add user account to service desk and grant user access to view, update and create tickets behalf of your organization.

Delete user from the organization

  1. Select Users tab
  2. Select the user
  3. From the Actions menu choose  "Delete user accounts"