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Mail server connection is originally configured in the file win32.config (or linux.config in Linux installations). If these settings need to be changed after installation, it is best to do the changes both to the win32.config/linux.config configuration file and directly to WildFly configuration.

The following table explains the different mail server settings:

Property Name


mail.hostThe address of the SMTP server to be used. It can either be the host name or the IP address of the mail server.
mail.portThe port of the SMTP server to be used.
mail.usernameThe user name to use when connecting to the mail server. Can be left empty if no user needs to be defined when contacting the mail server.
mail.passwordPassword for the SMTP server, if required.
mail.fromThe email address from which emails from Ubisecure CustomerID seem to be coming from. You need to double the @ character. For example:
mail.sslIf true, SSL is used.

The issuer of the mail server SSL certificate must be trusted by the Java environment by adding it to the Java truststore.

Adding Mail Server Certificate to Java Truststore

The usage of SSL is recommended when making the SMTP connection from Ubisecure CustomerID to a mail server. You must add the certificate of the issuer to the Ubisecure CustomerID trust store.

In Windows the Java certificate storage is by default in the following file:

  • %JRE_HOME%\lib\security\cacerts

The SMTP server issuer certificate can be added to the Java certificate store using the keytool command. Here are example commands for Windows and Linux installations:

Listing 1. Windows
cd %JRE_HOME%\lib\security
set keytool="%JRE_HOME%\bin\keytool"
%keytool% –importcert –keystore cacerts –trustcacerts –alias <any alias e.g. mailserverca> -file <insert issuer certificate filename here> -storepass changeit
Listing 2. Linux
cd $JRE_HOME/lib/security
keytool –importcert –keystore cacerts –trustcacerts –alias <any alias e.g. mailserverca> –file <insert issuer certificate filename here> -storepass changeit

Check the validity time of the issuer certificate and record in your system maintenance calendar a task to check this well before it expires and ensure it is updated as required.