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The configuration file contains the internal Ubisecure LDAP connection configuration. The initial LDAP connection configuration will be generated when running setup. You may want to add a server list configuration to this file if you use multiple internal LDAP nodes and want CustomerID to be able to connect to either of them in case one node has a failure. Changes to this file require a server restart. Example:

java.naming.factory.initial = com.ubisecure.util.ldap.jldap.JLDAP
java.naming.provider.url = ldap://,dc=example,dc=com = simple = cn=eidm2,ou=eIDM Services,cn=Ubilogin,dc=example,dc=com = <password>

com.ubisecure.util.ldap.server.list = ldap:// ldap://
com.ubisecure.util.ldap.failover.type = single-master
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