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If you have forgotten the administrator password, you can reset it by using one of the following methods:

Choose one of the following methods:

  1. Reset the password through the Ubisecure SSO Management interface. Search the administrative user, open its information and change the password.
  2. If the administrative user has been created by using Import Tool, it can also be reset by using Import Tool. Import Tool can be found in the installation directory in path application/tools/importtool (for example, in Windows: C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\customerid\application\tools\importtool). To change the password by using Import Tool, import the same import file that was used to create the administrative user. The password in the import file overwrites the password in the repository.
  3. Reset the password directly in the repository as follows: a) If Ubilogin Directory is used, search the administrative user using an LDAP tool, such as ADSI EDIT. In the user information, there is the authentication method cn=password.1 with the ubiloginConfString={SSHA}... property. Replace the ubiloginConfString with the desired password. Remember also to change the password again in the user interface, otherwise it will remain in a readable format. b) If Active Directory is used, search the administrative user using Active Directory tools and change its password.