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 How to change the existing SSO metadata certificate to have a bigger private key?

Step-by-step guide

You can use ubikt application to create new key, generate certificate request and after getting signed certificate, import that to unix/win32.config

  1. Generate new key
    java -jar ubikt.jar -ubilogin win32.config -generate -keysize 2048
  2. Create certificate request
    java -jar ubikt.jar -ubilogin win32.config -request -subject ",O=Example Org,C=ex"
  3. Send CSR to CA for signing
  4. Certificate import 
    java -jar ubikt.jar -ubilogin win32.config -import newcertificate.cer
  5. Run setup 
  6. Update secrets 
    import.cmd secrets.ldif
  7. Re-deploy applications to tomcat