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An SSH public key may be required and requested for various services and use cases.

Step-by-step guide

To create an SSH public key using puttygen for windows:

  1. Open puttygen.exe
  2. Select Type of key to generate: SSH-2 RSA
  3. Change Number of bits in a generated key: 4096
  4. Press Generate and move mouse as instructed
  5. We recommend that in the Key comment you use (email address)_(YYYY-MM-DD) for your own benefit
  6. (Optional) For higher security add Key passphrase
  7. Export the key to OpenSSH format using the PuTTYgen Conversions menu.
  8. Copy the public key from the PuTTY Key Generator main window and paste it in an email to Ubisecure. DO NOT SEND THE PRIVATE KEY
  9. You should also securely save the keys to files for safekeeping using Save public key and Save private key buttons.


Never send the private key anywhere.