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You will use this article when you need to configure Telia FTN login as an authentication method. Ubisecure SSO will be connected to Telia FTN using OIDC.

In this how-to article, Telia FTN will be connected to a Sample SAML application.


You need to be in contact with Telia in order to receive the required client id and client secret information (see step 4).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login to the SSO Management console.

  2. From Home, select the tab "Global Method Settings" and then click "New Method..." at the bottom of the page:

  3. Choose a title (optional), in this example, "Telia FTN ( trusted network )". Choose a method name, for instance telia.ftn.1 (the dot and number "1" at the end is used to enumerate similar methods you will configure in the future). Choose OAuth 2.0 as method type. The method class will auto-fill and you don't have to edit it. Press the OK button to create the method.

  4. Select the "OAuth 2.0" tab. Write down the Redirect URI automatically generated by the SSO Management System. Email it to Telia with a request to get a metadata file containing the client id and the client secret for the service that you are building. Once you have received the information, fill in the remaining fields with the Telia FTN information of your project. Telia delivers the following: Client ID, Client Secret, Authorization Endpoint URL, Token Endpoint URL, and UserInfo Endpoint URL. The Scope is set to openid. Once all the fields are filled in, press the Update button. The Client Secret will be hidden from view once set.

  5. Go to the "Main" tab. Click the method name "ftn.telia.1" on the black background.

  6. Tick the "Enabled" box, and press the Update button.

  7. From now on, you must configure an application to use the newly created method. We will use an application called Sample. New authentication methods must be expressly enabled before use on a site by site basis. You must enable the authentication method on the site where it will be used. Choose the site where the target application (Sample) is configured from the Site Navigator (Application Site in this example) and open the Site Methods tab.

  8. Press the Add Method... button.

  9. Select the telia.ftn.1 method and press the OK button.


    Telia FTN has now been enabled as one of the available authentication methods for the applications that are under the Application Site. Telia FTN has not been enabled for the actual Sample application yet.
  10. You have to choose which applications under the Application Site are able to use the Telia FTN for authentication. Click the Application tab.

  11. Click the application Sample.

  12. Click the Allowed Methods tab.

  13. Tick the Telia FTN authentication method and press the Update button.


    If the goal is to limit the access for only those users that have been registered to the CustomerID then skip the steps 14 to 29. For this, instructions on how to configure the directory user mapping can be found from here: Management UI Directory User Mappings - SSO

  14. For access control, we will create a dynamic group called "Telia FTN login users" where membership is based on the authentication method used to log in. Click the Application Site on the black background.


  15. Click the Groups tab.

  16. Press the New Group... button.

  17. Type in the group name, for instance, Telia FTN login users. Press the OK button.

  18. Assign the authentication method for the new group. Click the Allowed Methods tab.

  19. Tick the "Telia FTN ( trusted network )". Press the Update button.

  20. Add the group of users (in this example the group "Telia FTN login users") that are allowed to access the application. Click the Home on the black background.

  21. In the Site Navigator, click the site where the Sample application is located (in this example, "Application Site")

  22. Click the Groups tab.

  23. Open the group "Telia FTN login users" by clicking it.

  24. Click the Allowed Methods tab.

  25. Tick the "Telia FTN ( trusted network ) and press the Update button.

  26. Now it's time to configure the group "Telia FTN login users" to access the Sample Application. Click the Allowed Applications tab.

  27. Click the Add... button.

  28. Tick the Sample application and press the OK button.

  29. Now the configuration is done and a Telia FTN user should be able to log in to the Sample application.


    The application shown in the steps 30 to 32 is a just demo sample application. 
  30. Open the application in a new browser tab. Depending on how you installed your sample application, the URL should be similar to http://localhost:8090/sample/

  31. Log in to the service by clicking the Telia FTN ( trusted network ) button.

  32. The Sample application used in this example case shows all the attributes available from the Telia FTN service sent to the application.

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