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Step-by-step guide

In win32.config / unix.config –file under …\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin –directory. The following changes are mandatory. In the following example the original address was localhost:8443.

uas.url=https\://localhost\:8443  change to -> uas.url=https\://\:9443 
suffix = cn=Ubilogin, change to -> suffix=cn\=Ubilogin,dc\=localhost (* 

(* in this example, the localhost is the original address that was used during the initial installation. This could be different in you environment. 

  1. Open server.xml –file under …\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\custom\tomcat –folder on Windows or /usr/local/ubisecure/ubilogin-sso/ubilogin/custom/tomcat directory on Linux.
  2. Change the old address and port in server.xml.

    <Server port="-1">
    	<Service name="SSO">
    			scheme="https" secure="true"
    			proxyName="" proxyPort="9443"
    			maxThreads="150" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
    			useBodyEncodingForURI="true" maxHttpHeaderSize="65536"
       			sslProtocol="TLS" clientAuth="false"
    			keystoreFile="C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin/custom/tomcat/keystore.pfx"
    			keystorePass="changeit" keystoreType="PKCS12"
    	<Engine name="SSO" defaultHost="">
    		<Host name="" appBase="404"
    			unpackWARs="false" autoDeploy="false">

  3. Save the files, open the command prompt as Administrator, and run setup.cmd on that same directory (…\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin). 
  4. Import new Ubisecure SSO application secrets to LDAP

    Import SSO application secrets on Windows
    cd /d "C:\ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin" 
    ldap\adam\import.cmd ldap\secrets.ldif
    Import SSO application secrets on Linux
    cd /usr/local/ubisecure/ubilogin-sso/ubilogin
    ./ldap/openldap/ ldap\secrets.ldif
  5. Deploy Ubisecure SSO applications to Tomcat on Windows

    Deploy SSO applications to Tomcat on Windows

    Deploy SSO applications to Tomcat on Linux

  6.  Ubisecure SSO is now working with the new address/port. The Ubisecure SSO metadata has changed. Make sure the new metadata is updated in all integrated applications.