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The SSO logs can be accessed in the UI (besides the actual log files). To start Log Viewer, click on the Log Viewer button in the center of the home screen. 

By default, in a single node setup, Log Viewer can also be accessed at http://<UAS_URL>/logviewer.

Here you can find some instructions for interpreting the UI of Log Viewer: User interface of Log Viewer - SSO

The audit and diag log files can be found at ubilogin/logs.

Configure your logging levels on the Logging tab of the Home screen. As the levels are read at the server startup, a restart of the server is needed to apply the changes.

A change in the logging levels should appear in the diag log (uas3_diag.YYYY-MM-DD.log or diag in Log viewer) at startup as a note of the following template:

tech Log level updated: ubilogin.<LOG_COMPONENT>: <LEVEL>

The configuration file for Log Viewer is located in the WEB-INF folder of the web application.

Information about the file and instructions for editing the configurations can be found here: Configuring Log Viewer - SSO


Ubisecure CustomerID has two log files:

  • customerid_audit.log
  • customerid_diag.log – This log file contains additional technical information, such as errors.

These files are by default written to standalone/log/ inside the WildFly installation. If you use the default configurations, both log files will be renamed every day there is activity in the system.

Adjust your logging levels by editing the configurations in standalone/configuration/standalone.xml.
There you can find these logger elements and change the levels (level name attribute) of audit and diag logs:

    <logger category="com.ubisecure.customerid.log.audit" use-parent-handlers="false">
        <level name="INFO"/> <!--Apply here your value for the audit logs, e.g. ERROR.-->
            <handler name="CID_AUDIT_LOG_FILE_HANDLER"/>
    <logger category="com.ubisecure" use-parent-handlers="false">
        <level name="INFO"/> <!--Apply here the value for the diag logs.--> 
            <handler name="CID_DIAG_LOG_FILE_HANDLER"/>
    <logger category="org.apache.wicket">
        <level name="INFO"/>