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Now the Windows Authentication Provider has been successfully installed in the Windows domain, logon to a test application that has been configured to use this method. The process is explained in WINAP sequence diagram - SSO.

Please follow the instructions of Management user interface - SSO for more information on enabling the Windows Authentication Provider as an authentication method for new or existing applications.

Configuring Windows AP Users as Registered Users

By default, without configuring the Ubisecure External Directory Integration feature with Windows AP, Windows AP authenticated users are un-registered users in Ubisecure Server. This means that the Ubisecure Server doesn't have a direct connection to the identity account information in Active Directory.

To configure Windows AP users as registered users, Please enable and configure the Ubisecure External Directory Integration feature in Ubisecure Server. Please refer to the External directory integration - SSO. Using External Directory Integration, users' AD group membership and AD attributes can be used for access control rules and authorization policies.

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