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TUPAS 2.3 support is an integral part of Ubisecure SSO Server from version 6.1.1 on. It is also available as a patch for Ubisecure SSO Server 5.1.3.

To update from TUPAS 2.2 version TUPAS 2.3 version in Ubisecure SSO Server:

  1. Log into Ubisecure Management as an administrator.
  2. Select Global Method Settings.
  3. Select a TUPAS authentication method from the Server Authentication Methods list.
  4. Select Tupas 2 from the blue menu.

The view that opens is presented in Figure 1. (The images in this document use Nordea bank's TUPAS configuration as an example.)
Change the value in the alg field to 03. After making your changes, click Update.

Figure 1. Changing the TUPAS 2 algorithm code to the value required by TUPAS 2.3

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