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The Ubisecure SSO can be used as TUPAS IDP. This page describes how to set up TUPAS IDP in Ubisecure SSO.

About This Documentation

This page is a guide for configuring and using TUPAS integration in Ubisecure SSO and describes how an Ubisecure SSO Administrator can add and configure a TUPAS IDP.


Before commencing, you need to know the redirect_uri address of the service to be connected and using TUPAS identification. This the address to which the successful TUPAS return message will be sent. Also the URL:s for exiting/canceling the identification are needed. These can be a same URL.
You also need to have a "site" created for the agent.

Standards and Recommendations Reference

Tupas identification service for service providers:

Documents above describe how the service should call TUPAS IDP (TUPAS requests), how TUPAS IDP responds (TUPAS return message/certificate), and how the request and response MAC codes are generated and validated – these issues are not covered in this Ubisecure's Confluence page.