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Statistics log is the same as the audit log, except the personal identifying user principal information is not shown.

This log is useful for statistical analysis or in for cases where access to personally identifiable information is tightly controlled.

Figure 1: Statistics Log – someone (unidentified) has logged out. Another user (unidentified) accessed Logviewer application.

Enabling Statistics Log

Statistics Log is disabled by default to maximize system performance.

To enable Management Audit Log, edit the following file with a text editor:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\webapps\ubilogin\WEB-INF\



Add or uncomment the following line is present

log4j.logger.ubilogin.statistics = INFO, Statistics

Edit the following file with a text editor to enable the log in the Log Viewer:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\webapps\logviewer\WEB-INF\



Add the following section, modifying XX to a unique sequential number

UAS Statistics = UAS Statistics
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.type = statistics
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.path = C\:\\Program Files\\Ubisecure\\ubilogin-sso\\ubilogin/logs
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.filename = uas3_statistics.%YYYY-%MM-%DD.log

Redeploy and restart the Ubisecure SSO by executing:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\config\tomcat\update.cmd


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