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This document describes how to install SSO in a high availability configuration using OpenLDAP replication in Linux environment.

Installation Requirements

For general requirements see Installation requirements.

  • Since v. 8.4 also JAVA_HOME needs to be set
  • Since v. 8.4 PostgreSQL Server RDBMS installation with a database reserved for Accounting Service storage needs, see PostgreSQL preparation on Linux.

General Requirements

  • Proxy server installed

Required Files

  • Ubisecure SSO installation package

Redhat 6.1 x64 install

If you are installing on a new server, make sure to include libstdc++ library.

For existing environment you can verify if correct library has been installed. Otherwise running the install script will fail.

Listing 1.
yum list | grep libstdc++-<version-number>.el6.i686
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