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The management audit log records every add, change and delete action made by all users of the Ubisecure SSO Management application.
Example logs are shown:

Figure 1: Management Audit Log – a new user has been added by user Administrator at 16:56 on 16.02.2012

Figure 2: Management Audit Log – the user Conor McDonald has been deleted by user Administrator at 16:59 on 16.02.2012.

Figure 3: Management Audit Log – the settings for an Agent has been changed by user Administrator at 16:26 on 16.02.2012.

Enabling management audit logging

Management Audit Log is disabled by default.
To enable Management Audit Log, edit the following file with a text editor:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\webapps\ubilogin\WEB-INF\



Change the following line from = OFF, ManagementAudit

to = INFO, ManagementAudit

Edit the following file with a text editor to enable the log in the Log Viewer:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\webapps\logviewer\WEB-INF\



Add the following section, modifying XX to a unique sequential number

# UAS Management Audit Log = Management Audit
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.type = text
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.path = C\:\\Program Files\\Ubisecure\\ubilogin-sso\\ubilogin/logs
logsource.FileSource.filetype.XX.filename = management_audit.%YYYY-%MM-%DD.log 

Reploy and restart the Ubisecure SSO by executing:


C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\config\tomcat\update.cmd


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