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The Site Administrators view is the list of groups that can manage the selected site. This enables distributed administration of the Ubisecure SSO settings. Each site can be assigned one or more user groups who have access to view and edit the hierarchy of that site. Only users who are members of the groups assigned in the Site Administrators settings can see or edit the site. Similarly, management of sub-sites can also be delegated. Users with access to sub-sites cannot see or edit the parent site information. See also Creating a site hierarchy.

Unless the intention is to allow site managers to be able to further delegate their role to other users, typically groups for Site Managers are created and maintained in a location in the hierarchy where the site managers themselves cannot access. For sites at the root level, this is within the system site, where by default only the System Administrator can access.

Site Managers must be registered users stored in the Ubisecure Directory . To grant site management rights to users managed in an external directory, they must first be mapped to registered users using Directory User mapping.

After clicking "Site Administrators", the list of those groups will pop up (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Managed By -view consists of groups that can manage the selected site

Site Administrators contains the following functions:

  • Add Group…
    Add a group that can manage this site
  • Remove Group
    Select a group that cannot manage this site anymore by clicking the check box and pressing Remove
  • Group name
    The Group name is the link to the Group view. Please see the page Groups for more details about managing Groups.

It is also possible to customise the administrative view for Site Managers by disabling context menu items. See Disabling Context Menu items.

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