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Ubisecure SSO Management is a web application where a System Administrator manages Ubisecure specific entities and parameters and delegates administration tasks. The entities and parameters that can be managed include users, groups, applications, authorization policies and authentication methods. The administrator can also manage information such as Access Control Policy and Security Roles.

The main functionalities of Ubisecure SSO Management are:

  • Manage Ubisecure Directory data (create, edit, remove)
  • Search Ubisecure Directory objects (users, groups, applications, sites, etc)
  • View Ubisecure SSO log

SSO management hierarchy

Figure 1. Ubisecure SSO Management application menu hierarchy

Administrator user roles and user interface components in SSO Management

There are two administrator roles that can use Ubisecure SSO Management:

  1. System Administrator
    Access to all entities and menus in Ubisecure SSO Management application. Only users in the pre-defined Administrators group of the System site are System Administrators.
  2. Site Manager
    Access to only the delegated sites and context menus in Ubisecure SSO Management application. Site Managers must be registered users in the Ubisecure Directory.

User Interface Components

See Figure 2 for the components in the Ubisecure SSO Management user interface.

Figure 2. The view of Ubisecure SSO Management
Site navigatorSite Navigator is a treelike hierarchy of existing sites you can manage. You can create new sub sites if needed.After a clean Ubisecure SSO installation there is one site: System. The system site is only visible for System Administrators.
Location barWhen you navigate through different sites and objects, the location bar shows the path where you are.
Context menuWhen you have chosen an entity, the context menu displays all available submenus. The first link in the context menu displays the entity itself.
Context viewThe chosen entity and its possible chosen submenu are displayed in the context view.
User name and logout linkYour username in the Ubisecure SSO Management application is displayed in the user name field. The logout link ends the session with Ubisecure SSO Management.

The later pages introduce the Management application in more detail by describing the menus and functions.

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