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The Users view (Figure 1) presents all of the users in the selected site. These users are always stored in Ubisecure Directory, but are not managed by Ubisecure CustomerID. Do not use this functionality for managing external users e.g customers or partners.

Figure 1: The list of users in the selected site
  • User
    Click user name, site, status or full name to edit the user object
  • New User…
    Create a new user
  • Delete User/ Check box
    Select and click Delete to permanently delete the selected users
  • Move here
    Move a user to this site from another site


The User object main view is presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2: User object main view
  • Name
    Name of the user object in Ubisecure Directory .
  • Username
    User name to log in. Username is used e.g. for Password, Mobile Phone, Ubikey OTP and Mobile PKI type of authentication methods.
  • Mobile Phone
    Mobile phone number for Mobile Phone and MPKI authentication types. SMS is sent to this mobile phone number.
  • Contact fields
    These fields are informative only.
  • Status
    Enable/disable this user.
  • Not Active Before
    User is disabled before the defined time. This field may be omitted.
  • Expires On
    User is disabled on and after the defined time. User account never expires if this field is omitted.
  • Update
    Update the edited fields.
  • New
    Create a new user.
  • Delete
    Delete this user.
  • Rename
    Rename this user.

    NOTE: Renaming the user might need renaming the user also in the web applications.


The methods view under the user menu is used to configure which Authentication Methods a specific user is entitled to use. By default, no authentication methods are enabled for a user.

In methods view (Figure 3) you can configure user specific authentication methods. In the example shown, the user Administrator can only log in using the Password method. All other methods are disabled.

Figure 3: Configuring user authentication methods
  • Authentication method title, type or last logon
    Edit user specific authentication method information such as passwords, PIN codes, authentication mapping or similar information
  • Update / Check box
    Enable or disable the authentication method for this user by checking the box and clicking Update.

Authentication methods can also be enabled from the authentication methods screen – for example, by ticking the enabled box when a user password is set within the Password method settings.

Member Of

The list of groups this user is member of.

Figure 4: The list of groups the user is member of
  • Add
    Add this user to a group(s)
  • Remove
    Remove this user from the selected group(s)


The list of user id mappings for this user can be seen from this view. Click the mapping to access the mapping table for editing. Please refer to page Management UI Mappings - SSO  for a description of user id mappings.

Figure 5: User Mappings
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