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After clicking the site you want to manage, the following view (Figure 1) will be presented.

Figure 1: The Site main view

This is the Site's main view. All sub sites will be visible in Site Navigator if there are any.

The following list of submenu functions concerning the site can be accessed from this view:

  • Site Administrators
    Which user groups can manage this site
  • Applications
    Which applications exist in this site
  • Groups
    The groups this site contains
  • Users
    The users of this site
  • Mappings
    The mappings between user names in Ubisecure SSO and user names in web applications
  • Authorization Policies
    The Authorization Policy is used to manage Ubisecure SSO Authorization Attributes that are delivered to the Web Applications
  • Site Methods
    Which authentication methods are available in this site for users, groups and web applications

The site object also contains following tasks:

  • Update
    Update the site description
  • New Site…
    Create a new site
  • Delete Site
    Delete this site. This completely removes a Site from the Ubisecure Directory. Ubisecure SSO only allows removing of empty sites. To delete a site you have to first delete all Web Applications, users, groups, mappings, authorization policys and sub sites. After that you can choose "Delete" in a site view to delete the particular site.
  • Common tasks
    New application, new group, new user

Creating a New Site

To create a new site, first choose the site where you want to add a sub site. Then click "New Site…" and the following window (Figure 2) pops up.

Figure 2: Creating a new site
  • Name
    This is the name of the site which is used to identify the site in Ubisecure SSO.
  • Description and contact
    Informative fields.
  • OK
    Click OK to create the new site.

After creating a new site, the site's name will be visible in the site navigator. After choosing the new site from the site navigator, you can manage the site's Web Applications, users, groups and other parameters. The management of the site is described in more detail in the other pages under Management UI navigation - SSO.

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