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For security reasons it may be desired to deploy the management and public web applications to different addresses. To achieve this, the two different addresses must be defined in win32.config and a custom server.xml file is to be used. The steps below describes the process

Follow the installation or upgrade process. When modifying the win32.config, set the different addresses for the applications. For instance:

uas.url = 
ubilogin.url = 

Continue to follow the installation or upgrade steps. After the setup.cmd is ran an example of a server.xml deploying the applications to different addresses is found in ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\config\tomcat\conf-dmz\server.xml. Use this as the new custom server.xml.

cd /d "C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin" copy config\tomcat\conf-dmz\server.xml custom\tomcat

Continue the installation or upgrade process.

After install.cmd has been successfully executed, the public applications (uas and password) are deployed to:

whereas the management applications (ubilogin, logviewer and search) are deployed to:

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