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Install Server JRE

You can find instructions on how to install the Server JRE from the SSO Linux Install page. 

Use the same instructions to set the JRE_HOME environment variable.

Unpacking the Software

Perform backup of the directory:


Stop current service and remove old certap-server:

/etc/init.d/certap-server stop
cd /usr/local/ubisecure/certap/certap/config/tomcat

Rename certap directory to certap-old.

Unpack the new packet:

cd /usr/local/ubisecure/
tar xzvf

Copy the following files from the old directory to the matching locations in the newly created /usr/local/ubisecure/certap directory, overwriting any existing files.


Run the script to create the configuration files:

cd /usr/local/ubisecure/certap/certap

Run install and start the service:

cd /usr/local/ubisecure/certap/certap/config/tomcat
/etc/init.d/certap-server start

Test installation. Remove temporary /usr/local/ubisecure/certap-old directory when upgrade is completed.

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