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Go to start of metadata configuration file contains user interface texts for localization. The text file naming convention is as follows:
Where XX refers to a two-letter language code as per ISO639-1. For example, file would contain texts in the English language.
Save the text files in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Ubisecure\customerid\application\custom

The text for each key can be on several rows in the properties file. This does not affect how the lines are rendered in the UI. Use the backslash character (\) as a row separator. For example:
registerWizard.inputuser.summary=Please input your details. \
If you have a mandate please leave customer number empty. \
Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

The values in this configuration file override the default localization messages for the language. Changes to this file are effective without a server restart.

Showing Resource Keys in the User Interface

If Ubisecure CustomerID is run in development mode an additional Show resource keys language option will be available. When this option is chosen all interface texts will be replaced by their respective resource key names to facilitate editing of the text files.

Never use development mode in production environments.

Ubisecure CustomerID can be run in development mode by setting the following system property in WildFly: wicket.configuration=development. The change does not come into effect until WildFly is restarted.

Enable development mode
%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\jboss-cli --connect --command="/system-property=wicket.configuration:add(value=\"development\")"
net stop wildfly
net start wildfly

To return to deployment mode the above system property needs to be either removed or set to deployment value. Then WildFly needs to be restarted again.

Disable development mode
%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\jboss-cli --connect --command="/system-property=wicket.configuration:remove"
%WILDFLY_HOME%\bin\jboss-cli --connect --command="/system-property=wicket.configuration:add(value=\"deployment\")"
net stop wildfly
net start wildfly
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