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Templates are used to give general customization properties and also enable a simple way to modify the default Ubisecure CSS settings used by the login screens. You can then refer to a template in the web application configuration so that the referred template will be used when the login screens are accessed from the web application in question. An example web application configuration from Ubisecure SSO Management is shown below.

The name of the desired template is entered at the UAS JSP Template field (6.2).
In version 6.3, this field is labeled Template Names and can accept multiple values.

Beginning in version 6.3, a web application integrated with SAML SP for Java or SAML SP for ASP.Net can select from a predetermined list of templates at run time. Configure the list of permitted templates in the Template Names field of the Web Application definition in Ubisecure SSO Management. Template names are separated by white space. The first template name is considered the default template and is used if no template is selected by the application using the API during the LoginEvent.

Starting with Ubisecure SSO version 7.3 the stylesheets generated using the template system will also be applied to the password application.

If you want to use your own image for the logo in the login UI then you should first add the image as a resource to the system. You can then point to that image resource in the template logo property. The same is true for logo images for external authentication methods.

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