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Accepted Values






"url" | "entityName"



DEPRECATED. Defines the identifier format in response document.

We will use fixed formats in new REST calls so the formats won't be configurable anymore.


"xml" | "string" | "csv"


DEPRECATED. Defines the format (XML, String, CSV) for the response document in REST API version 1.0.

REST API versions 1.2 - 2.1 support defining the response format (XML or JSON) using the Accept HTTP header. Example:

Accept: application/json

XML format is the default for REST operations. String format was used in REST API version 1.0 for exporting and importing users and organizations. CSV (Comma-separated values) format could be used in REST API version 1.0 if data was used by external applications. JSON format is supported for REST API versions 1.2 - 2.1.

String, CSV and XML formats will be deprecated in the future. We are thinking about only supporting JSON format starting with REST API 3.0 version.

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