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It is possible to define certain URLs which first require some kind of user authentication and then perform a predefined redirection. These URLs are defined in the file.


This property defines the authentication methods that are allowed and requested by the protection URL. There is a special handling for the reserved string "methods.protected" if set as a value for this property. It means that all the methods from the methods.protected property key defined in file will used by this property as well. Note that you cannot add any other methods if you use this special reserved string.


protection.1.methods = password.2, tupas.op.1, tupas.nordea.1


This property defines the Ubisecure SSO Login UI template that is used when an unauthenticated user tries to access the protection URL and the Ubisecure SSO Login UI is shown. You need to define same template name in SSO management agent (eidm or workflow) configuration attribute "UI Template Names".


protection.1.sso.template = default


This property defines the URL where the user is forwarded after the user authentication has been successfully performed.


protection.1.continue = https://localhost:7443/eidm2/wf/register/person


This property defines if only Ubisecure CustomerID users should be accepted by the protection URL. There are two possible values:

  • true: Only Ubisecure CustomerID users will be accepted (using one of the listed authentication methods) (eidm2 agent used)
  • false: Only the authentication method is checked (workflow agent used)


protection.1.customeriduseronly = true
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