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Organization types are used to define the set of roles that will be created for a new organization or virtual organization in that organization type. Organization types are also used for grouping organizations in the user interface, as well for defining the role hierarchy rules. Organizations can only have a single organization type.

These configurations are available in the file.


This property defines the default organization type (was previously called "class") for non-virtual organizations. The default type is used if a new organization does not have any other organization type defined.
Default is default

organization.type.default = default


Respectively to organization.type.default, this property defines the default organization type (was previously called "class") for new virtual organizations.
Default is virtual

organization.type.defaultvirtual = virtual

For positive integers N,  specifies the name of an organization type (was previously called "class").
This property, together with the organization.type.TYPENAME.N below, defines the organization type names and the roles the organizations contain when they are created. At first, the name is defined by a property named<index>. Then, that name is used as part of the property names that define the roles. The naming convention is organization.type.<organization type name>.<index>.

Defaults are: = eidm
organization.type.eidm.1 = eIDMMainUser = default
organization.type.default.1 = OrganizationMainUser = virtual
organization.type.virtual.1 = OrganizationMainUser

Example: = default = virtual


For positive integers N, organization.type.TYPENAME.N defines a role that is to be attached to an organization type called TYPENAME when the organization is created.

organization.type.default.1 = OrganizationMainUser
organization.type.default.2 = OrganizationUser


This property defines that it is restricted to invite new users to the roles in this organization type.
Default is false (for all types).

organization.type.default.restrictedRoleInvite = true
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