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Default Logo

The default logo will be displayed in the user interface of Ubisecure CustomerID. The default logo file has to be named "logo.png," "logo.gif" or "logo.jpg" if you do not wish to use language specific logos, or "logo_XX.png," "logo_XX.gif" or "logo_XX.jpg" (where " XX " is the two-letter language code indicating the language) if you wish to use language specific logos. This logo will be used as a fallback logo, if no other logos have been defined for the specific user interface, or if the logos defined with the user interface logo properties cannot be found.

Like the other configuration files, the default logo(s) need to be placed in the 'custom' directory at the base directory of Ubisecure CustomerID.

If no custom default logo exists, the default logo that is supplied with Ubisecure CustomerID will be used.

Language Specific Logos

Like the other configuration files, logos need to be placed in the 'custom' directory at the base directory of Ubisecure CustomerID. Supported image types for logos are jpg, png and gif.

It is possible to create language specific logos, so that different logo version is displayed depending on the user interface language selection. There are two different ways to achieve this. You can either define a different logo file name in the language specific message key or you can use the same logo file name in all language specific message keys and add the locale code as part of the specified logo file name. For example, if you want language specific logos for Finnish and English of a logo2.png file, you would create two logos, logo2_fi.png for Finnish and logo2_en.png for English.

Registration and Registration Properties

These configurations are available in the file.


This property defines the logo for the specific registration service. The value given here is searched as is from the message file corresponding to the language the registration is being presented in. Then the value from the message file is used to search for a file served by the resource servlet with "_<locale id>" added as a postfix to the value. Resource servlet serves image files stored in the custom folder under Ubisecure CustomerID installation. The file name should not contain the image file suffix. That is added automatically by the resource servlet from among ".png", ".gif" or ".jpg". The file name needs to start with "logo" string.


Registration configuration:

registration.1.logo.key = person-registration

Message file:

person-registration = logo-person-registration

File in custom folder (assuming English language):



See Configuration files related to customization - CustomerID.

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