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The is the main configuration file of Ubisecure CustomerID. Changes to this file require a server restart.


This property defines the locale name that is used to present the locale in the links to select the language to use in the user interface. The property name begins with localeName. and ends with a two-letter language code from the locales property.

Defaults are: 

localeName.en = In English 
localeName.resourcekeys = Show resource keys


localeName.en = In English = Suomeksi = På svenska


This property defines the list of locales that are to be used in the user interface. The links to select the language will be displayed in the order given here. This list is also used to define the possible values for the locale parameter a user may have. It is recommended to use ISO639-1 language codes when defining locales.

Default is en

locales = en, fi, sv


This property defines the locale that will be used by default when the user has not chosen to use any locale. The value must be one that is used to specify a locale (en, fi or sv in the examples above).

Default is en

default.locale = en
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