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Failures in Configuration

The cause of the invalid configuration can be diagnosed from the log files. For instance, in this example case the following entry can be found in the latest uas_diag.log file: 

Invalid etsimss configuration policy.xml: com.ubisecure.etsimss.FicomConfigurationException: policy.xml: policy.xml

This logged error indicates that policy.xml was not defined in configuration.

method Error in etsimss communicationAP not authenticated.
com.ubisecure.etsimss.ETSIMSSException: AP not authenticated.

This logged error indicates that apId or apPwd aren't correct anymore.

Error Codes

In the event of an error, error codes returned by the MSSP are recorded in the diagnostics log. The full interpretation of the error codes can be found in the Ficom ETSI MSS specifications.

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