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  • If ubilogin-directory fails to start, start from the command line using the command in order to view the detailed error messages.
  • "Base DN "entryTtl,entryExpireTimestamp" is not within the database naming context" means that the searchbase or binddn values in dn=*.conf are incorrect. Check and correct.
  • If an error regarding bind address or port "already in use" persists despite stopping and restarting UbiloginDirectory, use netstat to check which process is listening to port 389 and terminate the process.
  • If the Ubilogin-server fails to start or replication does work as expected, it is possible to run the slapd in debug mode using the -d -1 arguments. Copy the openldap/ script, edit the script to include the -d -1 arguments and start interactively from the command line.

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