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Note: In this example configuration, user ubilogindirectory is a member of Administrators group. Adjust access rights to match your security policy.

Setup AD LDS in node 2. Start the AD LDS Setup Wizard:


Figure 1. Select A replica of an existing instance

Figure 2. Type in UbiloginDirectory as the Instance name

Figure 3. Use the default LDAP ports

Figure 4. To join the configuration set, type in hostname of node 1 and 389 as the LDAP port.

Note: do not use IP address of node 1.

Figure 5. Select This account and type in a user account of a user of node 1 that is a member of Administrators group.

Figure 6.       Select your Ubisecure Directory partition

Figure 7. Use the default file locations

Figure 8. Select the user account NODE-2\ubilogindirectory you created before

Figure 9. Select Yes to add needed permissions to the user account

Figure 10. Define an account name to grant administrative

privileges to the local Administrators group on node 2. Select Browse...

Figure 11. Enter the object name to select: Administrators. Select OK.

Figure 12. Verify the correct account name. Select Next.

Figure 13. Review and confirm your selections. Select Next.

Figure 14. Complete the set up. Select Finish.

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