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Setup AD LDS in the node-1. Start the AD LDS Setup Wizard:


Figure 1. Create a new unique instance on node 1

Figure 2. Type in UbiloginDirectory as the Instance name

Figure 3. Use the default LDAP ports

Figure 4. Create an application directory partition.
The value can be found in adaminstall.txt –file under, …\ubilogin-sso\ubilogin\ldap\adam –folder.

Figure 5. Use the default file locations

Figure 6. Select the user account NODE-1\ubilogindirectory you created before

Figure 7. Select Yes to add needed permissions to the user account

Figure 8. Grant administrative privileges to the local Administrators group on node 1

Figure 9. Select MS-InetOrgPerson.LDF to be imported in AD LDS.
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