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Last reviewed: 2019-11-12

The following table lists all the 3rd party libraries that are distributed with Ubisecure CustomerID. You can find the license texts via the links or from 3rd party license texts - CustomerID.

Apache Commons Collectionscommons-collections44.2The Apache Commons Collections package contains types that extend and augment the Java Collections Framework.Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons DbUtilscommons-dbutils1.7JDBC Utility Component (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons IOcommons-io2.6Commons IO is a library of utilities to assist with developing IO functionality (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons JEXLcommons-jexl33.1Java Expression Language ComponentApache License 2.0
Apache Commons Langcommons-lang33.8.1Standard Java library extensionsApache License 2.0
Apache Commons Textcommons-text1.6Apache Commons Text is a library focused on algorithms working on strings.Apache License 2.0
Apache log4jlog4j1.2.17Logging FrameworkApache License 2.0
Apache Oltu OAuth2authzserver, client, common, resourceserver1.0.2OAuth2 protocol implementation in Java (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Apache License 2.0
Apache Wicketwicket*8.2.0Web Application FrameworkApache License 2.0
Apache XML Commons Externalubixmlsec1.3.02xml-commons is focussed on common code and guidelines for xml projects. The first focus will be to organize and have common packaging for the various externally-defined standards code relating to XML - things like the DOM, SAX, and JAXP interfaces. (via Ubisecure SSO libraries) Apache License 2.0
Apache XML Security for Java (Apache Santuario)ubixmlsec1.4.5Apache XML Security for Java supports XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation 12 February 2002, and XML Encryption Syntax and Processing, W3C Recommendation 10 December 2002. As of version 1.4, the library supports the standard Java API JSR-105: XML Digital Signature APIs. (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)

Apache License 2.0

Bouncy Castlebcprov-jdk161.46Java Cryptography APIs (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Bouncy Castle License, an adaptation of the MIT X11 License
Bouncy Castlelcryptolder than 9/2004Java Cryptography APIs (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Bouncy Castle License, an adaptation of the MIT X11 License
Curlcurl.exe on Windows installations7.60.0Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLsMIT/X derivate license, The curl license:
Gsongson2.8.5Gson is a Java library that can be used to convert Java Objects into their JSON representationApache License 2.0
Guavaguava27.0-jreGoogle core Java librariesApache License 2.0
ICU4Jicu4j63.1International Component for Unicode for Java (ICU4J) is a mature, widely used Java library providing Unicode and Globalization supportICU4J (Unicode open source license)
jcommanderjcommander1.72JCommander is a very small Java framework that makes it trivial to parse command line parametersApache License 2.0
JavaEE APIjavaee-api7.0JavaEE 7 API (via Ubisecure SSO libraries)Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0
Java Persistence APIjavax.persistence2.2.1Java persistence API.Eclipse Distribution License - v 1.0
Java Inject APIjavax.inject1Java Inject APIApache License 2.0
JAX RS Core APIjaxrs-api3.0.12.FinalJAX RS Core APIApache License 2.0
JBoss VFSjboss-vfs3.2.14.FinalA VFS libraryApache License 2.0

JDK Serializable Functional

jdk-serializable-functional1.8.3A library containing Serializable versions of functional interfaces from java.util.function package.MIT License
JSR 374 (JSON Processing) Default Providerjavax.json1.0.4Default provider for JSR 374:Java API for Processing JSONCommon Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.1
jQueryjquery3.3.1Library for simplifying Javascript writingMIT License
jQuery UIjquery-ui1.12.1jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.MIT License
JSON-simplejson-simple1.1.1A simple Java toolkit for JSONApache License 2.0
JSON In Javajson20160212JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format.The JSON License
Narayananarayana-jta5.9.0.FinalNarayana: ArjunaJTA Narayana JTAGNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
Old JAXB Corejaxb-core2.3.0Old JAXB Core module. Contains sources required by XJC, JXC and Runtime modules with dependencies. Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) v1.0
OpenJSONopenjson1.0.8A clean-room Apache-licensed implementation of simple JSON processingApache License 2.0
OpenLDAP JLDAPldap4.5LDAP Class libraries for JavaThe OpenLDAP Public License 2.0.1
PostgreSQL JDBC Driverpostgresql42.2.5Relational Database JDBC driverPostgreSQL JDBC Driver (BSD License 2-clause "Simplified" License)
Seam Conversation SPIseam-conversation-spi3.0.0.FinalSeam Conversation SPIApache License 2.0
Select To improved way to select a country in web forms.MIT License
SLF4J API Moduleslf4j-api1.7.25SLF4J API ModuleMIT License
TinyTips 1.1 - Pretty Lightweight Tooltips Pluginjquery.tinyTips.js1.1TinyTips is a very lightweight jQuery plugin that gives the ability to add tooltips to pretty much any element on a page.

2011 Mike Merritt

Weld Implementationweld-core-impl3.0.5.FinalWeld's implementation of CDIApache License 2.0
Wildflywildfly-dist14.0.1.FinalJava J2EE ServerGNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
Xalan-Javaxalan2.7.2Xalan-Java fully implements XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1.0 and the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0. XSLT is the first part of the XSL stylesheet language for XML. It includes the XSL Transformation vocabulary and XPath, a language for addressing parts of XML documents. (via Ubisecure SSO libraries) Apache License 2.0
XML APIsxml-apis1.3.04XML APIsApache License 2.0

Table 1. 3rd Party Licenses for CustomerID

Apache Derby Client JDBC Driverderbyclient10.11.1.1The Derby client JDBC driver, used to connect to a Derby server over a network connection.Apache License 2.0
PostgreSQL JDBC Driverpostgresql42.2.2Relational Database JDBC driverPostgreSQL JDBC Driver (BSD License 2-clause "Simplified" License)

Table2. 3rd Party Licenses for Database Migration Tool

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