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The graphical logo displayed to the user can be made to change based on the user selected language. This is ideal for logos that contain text or use different names for different language groups. Examples are shown below.

English logo

Finnish Logo


css                             =
logo                            = logo.png
logolink                        =
logoalt                         = Ubisecure
title                           = Ubisecure Single Sign-On
defaultlocale                   = en
locales                         = en, fi
localenames                     = English, Suomi

To enable localized logos, use a reference to a logo resource in the template's properties file.

In the file ubilogin/custom/resources/resource.index, reference each language file, using the following example as a model:

# resource.index:

logo.png = resources/images/logo.png
logo.png_fi = resources/images/logo_fi.png
logo.png_en = resources/images/logo_en.png

The referenced logo files logo.png, logo_fi.png and logo_en.png must be in the ubilogin/custom/resources/images directory. If a matching logo is not found, the default logo, logo.png, is used.

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